Pretend Play Bath Tub Toy


“Transform bath time into a world of imaginative exploration with our Pretend Play Bath Tub Toy. This delightful toy is not just for splashing; it’s a gateway to a world of creativity and pretend play, making bath time an adventure your child will eagerly anticipate.

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Immerse your child in the delightful world of bath time with this enchanting Princess doll playset designed for girls. The set features a lifelike 9-inch vinyl doll, a charming blue bathtub, and an array of bath time and wardrobe accessories for endless imaginative play. What sets this playset apart is its interactive design, allowing children to bring the doll and accessories into the bathtub for a truly immersive experience. The bathtub comes to life with realistic functions, including a moveable showerhead that sprays water, providing an engaging and entertaining element to playtime. Beyond the fun, this playset serves as a valuable tool for developing your child’s imagination, offering a compelling alternative to screen time. As your child installs batteries, pours water into the tub, and switches on the motor, they witness the magic unfold—the detachable shower releases water, mimicking the feel of a real bathtub. This interactive play not only sparks joy but also fosters essential life skills as children learn to engage with dolls in a nurturing manner. Say goodbye to video games and hello to a world of imaginative play that captivates and educates. (Note: Batteries not included)


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