Bathtub Baby


Enhance bath time fun with the Bathtub Baby Toys & Games set, a perfect companion every girl will adore. This interactive playset features a lifelike 18-inch vinyl doll, a functional bathtub with a movable shower head, and various bath accessories. Simply install 3 AA batteries (not included), pour water into the bathtub, switch on the motor, and watch the magic unfold as water flows from the detachable shower. It’s a fantastic way to stimulate your child’s imagination while providing an enjoyable and realistic bath experience.

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Transform bath time into an imaginative adventure with the Bathtub Baby Toys & Games set. Crafted to perfection, this playset includes an 18-inch realistic vinyl doll, a functional bathtub, and an array of delightful bath time accessories. The magic begins by installing 3 AA batteries (not included), pouring water into the bathtub through the central hole, and switching on the motor. The detachable shower sprays water, creating a lifelike and enjoyable bath experience that captivates your child’s senses.Beyond the interactive elements, this playset encourages creative play and development of a child’s imagination. The doll and accessories are designed to be in the bathtub with your child, adding an extra layer of engagement and fun. The realistic functions of the bathtub, coupled with the working moveable shower head, contribute to the overall charm of this set. This Bathtub Baby Toys & Games set is not just a toy; it’s a perfect gift for toddlers. It combines entertainment and education seamlessly, providing endless joy during bath time. Make your child’s bath time memorable with this thoughtfully designed playset that promises hours of imaginative and immersive play.


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