Frozen Trolley Bag


Explore the enchanting world of Frozen with our Frozen Trolley Bag. With dimensions measuring 40 cm x 24 cm x 18 cm and a capacity of 18 kg, this vibrant blue bag is equipped with four wheels for easy maneuverability. The telescopic handle and secure zipper lock add convenience, making it a perfect travel companion. With a single spacious compartment, this Frozen Trolley Bag is not only stylish but also functional, bringing a touch of magic to your journey.
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Embark on a magical journey with our Frozen Trolley Bag, a perfect companion for young adventurers. This enchanting bag features dimensions of 40 cm x 24 cm x 18 cm, providing ample space for your belongings, and a generous capacity of 18 kg, making it ideal for various travel needs. Designed with the charm of the Frozen world, this trolley bag boasts a vibrant blue color, capturing the essence of the beloved animated series. The four wheels ensure easy maneuverability, allowing little ones to navigate with ease. The telescopic handle adds to the convenience, making it effortless to pull along during travel. The secure zipper lock keeps belongings safe and organized throughout the journey. The bag features a single spacious compartment, providing simplicity and functionality for easy packing. While your little ones enjoy the magic of Frozen, the practical aspects of this trolley bag cater to the needs of parents and guardians. With no-fuss features and a sturdy build, it’s a reliable travel companion for family adventures. Please note that this Frozen Trolley Bag comes in a delightful blue color, creating a visually appealing accessory for young Frozen enthusiasts. Let the magic of Frozen accompany your little one on every journey with this stylish and functional trolley bag.


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